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Center for Space Emerging Technologies (C-SET)

Space technology is a field of great importance, therefore The Center for Space Emerging Technologies (C-SET). The First MultiContinental Science Incubator in the LATAM Region. Founded in 2015, with 3 areas: (a) Space Robotics, (b) Biomechatronics and Life Support Systems, (c) Space Construction and Architecture. Then, established in 2019 as a Non-Profit Autonomous-Independent Organization, completely focused on the importance of R+D+I in IBEROLATAM space emerging projects, working under the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations with our methodology: "DUAL-U-SINERGY". All of our work is protected under Copyright Laws.


Objectives: (1) Create and discover new knowledge and applications, which will be innovative proposals for space institutions or agencies. (2) Search for technological solutions to improve the habitability of species on earth and in space. (3) Promote learning of the cosmovision, wisdom, and innovation of ancient cultures in Latin America and their connection with the universe. (4) Achieve high-quality publications and the creation of start-ups and spin-offs. It is a multi-collaborative multi-platform, where students, researchers and professors from international institutions work in multi-disciplinary entrepreneurship with the support of business mentors. Additionally, it is a multi-diverse and multi-cultural organization, which also promotes support for women's empowerment.

The research is focused on finding efficient technological solutions to improve and support Spaceflight, The Planet Mars, The Moon, and Space Colonization. According to Google Scholar, in July 2022, there are 182 citations and 17 publications indexed in Scopus and Web of Science.

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Our Mission

The main objective is to support the “idea incubation”, which is a process for bringing ideas into reality of projects related to the Space Sector, where we supervise and manage from the conceptual idea, and help to create the first scientific publications. In order to encourage the creation of a Start-Up / Spin Off as a proposal for space agencies or space institutions. Besides, we encourage young people (High School to Postgraduate) and professional adults, to get skills and knowledge with the purpose to start a project.

Core Values

Global Innovation 

Integrity and Honesty

Humble Leadership

Universe Friendly

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